Fitness Training for a Lifetime of Movement

Feel good. Do cool stuff.


Welcome to Borne Active. I'm Eleanor and this is my business. I provide personal training and small group training to women of all ages and levels.

Maybe you're here because you want to get in shape for a special event, or you want to get stronger for a long hiking trip, or you just want to be able to keep up with your family on an upcoming vacation. All of these are worthy goals!

I don't provide training for aesthetic or to weigh a certain number. My training is to help you learn to love exercise, or at least not dread it. Haha. We'll work together to improve your fitness so you develop a healthy lifetime relationship with movement. Keep showing up and your body composition changes will follow. 

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start moving. feel good. repeat.

Individual Personal Training

It all starts with YOU. What are your goals? Why are these goals important? How are we going to work together to achieve them?

My personal training services will help you continue to move toward your goals. Think of me as your cheerleader, workout builder, safety coach and exercise form checker. We'll do a mix of cardio and resistance training to get your heart rate up, boost your metabolism and build strength. Unless you specify otherwise, each session will include push, pull, legs and core exercises. Individual training sessions are $45 per 45-minute session.

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Sweat with your friends

Small Group Training

Small group training is a chance for you to sweat, socialize and go easier on your wallet. Small group sessions are faster-paced than individual training. I want you to be moving the entire time.

Workouts will feature exercises from the push, pull, legs and core categories and will be set up in a circuit. Each person will move through the circuit in a different order and I'll circulate around the group to watch your form. Small group training starts at $75 per 45-minute session for up to 3 people. Additional people can be added to your group for $15 per person.

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hello, hi, how's it going?

About Me

I'm Eleanor, your trainer. I have a WITS Personal Trainer Certification through UT-Austin, which involved six weeks of classroom lectures and weekends spent in a gym, refining form and ensuring client safety.

As your trainer, my goal is to help you feel proud, and grateful, for your body, and to finish each workout with a greater appreciation:

  • for yourself

  • for others

  • for exercise and its positive impact


i've never liked exercising. what makes your sessions different?

You're not going to look forward to every workout. You're probably going to dread a few. That's the reality and it's normal. But, results come from consistency and if you just keep going, keep believing and keep doing, you will see changes. Being fit changes your life and will help you do things you couldn't do before. Just think about it, when was the last time you regretted a workout? ;)

Are personal trainers worth it?

Depends! If you're motivated to follow your self-prescribed workouts and research form cues and continuously keep yourself interested, then you probably don't need me. You can do it!  But, if you're someone who just needs a little cheering and some help figuring out what to do and how to do it, personal training is worth it. If we have just a few sessions together, or even just one, and you change your mind - no problem! I promise NOT to harass you with sales pitches and phone calls. YOU are ultimately in charge. Nothing will change until YOU decide.

i'm going on a big hike/taking a long bike ride/to explore the world. can you help me?

Yes!! You're speaking my language. I started resistance training to build a stronger overall body and recover from running injuries. Whether you're running a marathon, taking a big vacation, or just want to comfortably take a walk, we can get you there. We'll focus on mobility, balance, rotational resistance and overall core/trunk strength. Keep you upright and moving forward.


Invest in your body. It's the only one you have and you use it every day.